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When it comes to diesel repair in Libertyville, IL, there isn’t a mechanic in the area who can beat the level of expertise and quality of service that you will find at Pit Shop Diesel Repair. Our mechanics understand that you chose your diesel truck for the power and performance and we want to help you preservice and maximize the potential of your diesel engine. Anytime you are looking for a diesel repair shop, you need a facility that has both a team of experts and a facility that is stocked with all the latest tools and equipment. That diesel repair shop is Pit Shop Diesel Repair.

Diesel Repair Libertyville IL

Diesel Engines

Ford Powerstroke Repair

For a long time, Ford Power Stroke engines have been the leader in diesel truck power and performance. After all, when you think of a Ford F150, F250, F350, and so on, you think of towing power and capabilities. At Pit Shop Diesel Repair we want to help you preserve that power through comprehensive and exceptional Power Stroke service and repair.

Cummins Repair

Cummins engines are known for efficiency and dependability. Truck manufacturers equip trucks of all sizes with Cummins engines in order to take their towing and efficiency up to the next level. At Pit Shop Diesel Repair, our diesel experts want to help you truly harness the power of your Cummins through top-notch service and repair.

Duramax Repair

When GM introduced Duramax engines in their light and medium duty trucks, it was a game changer for diesel engine lovers and at Pit Shop Diesel Repair, we not only understand your love for your Duramax engine, we want to help you make it the best than it can be. Our state of the art facility has everything our experts need to handle every part of your Duramax engine including the engine control module and the CP3 injection pump.

Diesel Engine Repair

At Pit Shop Diesel Repair, we like to stress the importance of engine maintenance and service to all of our customers. But even the most well-maintained engines will need to be repaired from time to time and when that happens you need to know that your mechanic is truly a diesel expert. Thanks to our ASE Certified technicians and state of the art repair facility, Pit Shop Diesel Repair is the leading diesel repair shop in Libertyville and the surrounding areas. Whether it is humidity issues, knocking noises, broken glow plugs, or any other diesel engine problem, we have you covered.

As diesel repair experts, we always want to stress the importance of bringing your vehicle to a reliable mechanic as soon as you spot trouble. Some of the signs of diesel engine trouble include:

  • Knocking noises coming from under the hood
  • Trouble starting
  • Blue smoke coming from your exhaust pipe
  • A decrease in fuel economy
  • Loss of performance or power
  • Burning oil or an increase in oil consumption

If you experience any of these or other diesel issues, the team at Pit Shop Diesel Repair is here to help get your diesel engine back on the road for years and miles to come. Contact us today for an appointment.